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Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman

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Check out Jason Becker to find most of Cacophony's stuff.

Dragon's kiss Rust in Peace


Saturation Point From Angwie
Saturation Point Stephane Ferrari
Saturation Point from Joe Lopez Full song
Dragon's Mistress From Luciano Dall'Antonia
Dragon's Mistress From Schuyler Tsuda
Dragon's Mistress From Maurizio Doveri Powertab
Evil Thrill


Anvils From Jere
Jewel From Angwie Jason's solo
Forbidden City From Thomas Vallee
Thunder March From Raymundo G. Jaramillo
Thunder March
From Ivan

With Megadeth ( best exotic shred album only ): RUST IN PEACE:

Holy Wars ... From Megamustain Rythm
Holy Wars ... From Thomas Vallee All solos
Hangar 18 From IMIegadeth
Hangar 18 From Zac Broaddus Powertab file
Take No Prisoners From Frank A. Taylor
Take No Prisoners From Rick Dobbins Powertab
Five Magics From Christopher Heer
Poison Was The Cure

Poison Was The Cure From Rick Dobbins Powertab
Lucretia From James Johnson
Tornado Of Souls From James Johnson
Rust In Peace ... Solaris From Christopher Heer
Marty and Jason