The ShredPit

Y. Malmsteen: Black Star, I'll see the Light, Blue.
J. Becker: Grilled Peeps, Mozart's 25th, Sweet Baboon, Air, Alitutdes.
M. Friedman: Dragon mistress, Poison was the Cure, Take no Prisonners.
Racer X: Scarified, Superheroes, Phallic Tractor, O.H.B, Dead Man Shoes, Viking Kong.
CoB: Bed of Razors, Every time I die, Follow the Reaper, Hate Me.

Hello World ! Few more tabs for you :
New tab: Serrana ( Jason Becker ) from Joe Lopez ( good work pal ! )
New tab: 5th Caprice ( Jason Becker ) from Angwie, as it seems that his web site is dead ( any news ? )

 Yes! I'm back with some tabs !
New tab: Serrana ( Jason Becker )
New tab: 17th Moon ( Racer X )
Link to Angwie's web site updated !
And forget about the scans ... It takes too much time and disk space.

Yo! Another great update ! Some tabs and a new link to the metal group Theory in Practice ( listen to this solo from the song "Colonising the Sun", it's really cool ). Enjoy !
New tab: End of the Beginning ( Jason Becker ). Thanks to Gabriel Karlsson for this one New tab: Technical Difficulties ( Racer X ) New tab: Seventh Sign ( Yngwie Malmsteen ) New link: Theory In Practice

Hello !
Well, sorry for the lack of updates and to not answering to some of your mails. My job is keeping me busy.
Anyway, I'm back for now with some tabs. Check it out.
BTW, are you interested in some scans from tab books ( Priest, Megadeth, Malmsteen ) ? I'm tired of putting them into text files. The files will be bigger so it will take time to download ( and to upload for me ^_^! ) but it should be more accurate.

New tabs: Perpetual Burn & Mabel's Fatal Fable ( Jason Becker ) from Joe Lopez
New tab: Touch of Evil ( priest ) - the solo

New tabs: Hellion ( Priest )
All dead links removed
Link to rhapsody tabs site
New pics: you can access tabs by clicking on the albums !

New tab: Turbo Lover ( Judas Priest )
New solos: Gone too Far, Heart of Lion ( Racer X )
New link: In Flames web site.